Father Jailed for Protesting "Gay" Book

The Boston Herald reported that last Wednesday, April 27, David Parker, 42, was arrested and jailed overnight when he confronted school officials at Joseph Estabrook School in Lexington, Mass. His 6 year old son had brought home a book, entitled “Who’s In a Family.” The storyline of the book presents homosexual parents as normal. Parker was arrested because he refused to leave a meeting when the school superintendent Bill Hurley rejected Parker’s request to be notified when homosexuality was going to be discussed in his son’s classes. Parker spent the night in jail, and was only released after posting a $1,000 security bond.

Parker reported that the school superintendent was totally unresponsive to his requests for parental notification about classroom discussions. He said, “Our parental requests for our child were flat out denied.” He says school authorities repeatedly told him that “he has no right to control whether or not his child is taught about same-sex marriage.”

Okay, so let me get this straight. We can’t teach kids in school what is right or wrong, because that might warp their mentality. We can’t pray, because that is religious. We can’t tell kids about God. We can’t discipline kids in school. We can’t tell them to abstain from premarital sex, unless of course we provide them with condoms in case they decide that is not the way for them.

However, we can (and must!), teach kids that they evolved “from the goo to the zoo, to you.” Then, of course, we can teach them all about the mechanics–but not the morality–of sexual activity. And now, we can teach them that homosexual marriages are perfectly normal and good. Furthermore, we will now jail parents who dare to think they have a right to control what their kids are taught!

And with all of this, people wonder why children are out of control! They wonder why it is that the police have to be called and handcuff a young girl because she is totally out of control. People wonder why parents are calling 911 on an increasing basis, asking for someone to come do something with their kids. People wonder why kids seem, increasingly so, to have no moral compass, no conscience, no guilt. (Just ask any policeman about this!) Well, guess what? You cannot tell a child that they are nothing more than an animal, that there is nothing more, nothing higher than them, and expect them to live as if there is! You cannot teach a child that he is nothing more than a dog, and expect him to soar like an eagle!

Educational authorities wonder why home schooling and Christian schools are on the rise in America. They condemn home schooling parents for being “out of touch.” (Of course, they stand in awe of the academic achievements of home schooled children, whose accomplishments often put public school kids to shame). They claim that home-schooled children will be “socially challenged,” and unable to cope with the “real world.” Well, home-schooling is dramatically on the rise because more and more parents are sick to death with of the cess-pool that some– but by no means all –-schools have become. They have decided it is their right, after all, as parents, to determine what their children learn, and the environment they learn it. They have decided that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and that it is important for their children to not only know “readin, writin and rithmatic”, but to know right and wrong as well.