A Question of Ethics

The recent flood of corporate corruption cases is raising lots of questions in the minds of lots of people. One surely wonders how CEOs can be so calloused, so greedy, that they are unconcerned that their personal accumulation of wealth is taking down the very businesses they were hired to run, and destroying the lives of thousands of employees. We have watched as these financial predators have gone before hearings and avowed their ignorance of what was going on under their supervision, and yet, the facts show that they were actually busy stripping the company of assets for their personal benefit.

Here is something ever so strange about this situation. In colleges around the country, there has been a proliferation of business ethics courses over the last several years. These classes are, ostensibly at least, for the purpose of teaching the students what is right and what is wrong in the business world, so that they will conduct business properly. The problem is that in reality, according to many leading authorities, these classes are actually teaching moral relativity! In other words, on the one hand they are telling the future business leaders not to steal from the companies they will one day lead, and then they are telling them that there is no objective standard of right and wrong to judge them if they do rip off those businesses! We are reaping the harvest for sowing the seeds of evolution in America!

Evolution teaches that there is no God, and as a result there is no right and wrong, beyond the human experience. Man and society determines rightness and wrongness. Well, if you teach a man that he is god, then he is going to act like he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but himself! Society be hanged! Evolution is about the survival of the fittest right? Sure! So, if a person accepts that philosophy then whatever it takes to survive and come out on top is justified. Ripping a business apart for personal profit is to be expected. A callous disregard for the lives of others is just the by-product of getting ahead.

In Israel long ago, “everyman did what was right in his own eyes,” and Israel’s society crumbled into decadence, immorality, and injustice. Anytime man rejects a belief in God, and determines that ethics and morality are humanly derived, that is the inevitable result. Until America, until you and I as individuals, return to a belief in the eternal standard of God’s Word, we can expect to see more and more examples of corporate and societal corruption.