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Join our efforts to unite in our understanding of past fulfillment by becoming a member of the Preterist Theological Society (PTS).  Currently, the PTS is merely a Facebook group consisting of preterists from all walks of life, and of all backgrounds.  This is a private group, so only serious requests for membership to this group are considered.  Ultimately we would like to formalize the group as a legal entity comprised of scholars, theologians, ministers and leaders of both partial and full preterist ideas.  The inclusion of liberal and conservative scholars, theologians from all preterist backgrounds, active ministers, pastors, Bible teachers, book authors, and students in accredited universities as well as in Christian seminaries are the kind of people we wish to engage and to have join the group.  The purpose of the group is stated on the group page, but it is also stated here:

To promote dialogue concerning the preterist interpretation of the Scriptures, including Orthodox Preterism, Historic Preterism, Partial Preterism, Full Preterism, Covenant Eschatology, and the impact of these interpretations on and in our lives today.

To promote events, conferences, publications, media, and other material for the sake of advancing preterist interpretations and a deeper Scriptural understanding.

Subsets for discussion include:

The Creation Account

  • Covenantal (Covenant Creationism)
  • Straight Forward (Historic Narrative)
  • Exalted Pros Narrative
  • Symbolic/Idealistic
  • Day-Age Theory
  • Gap Theory
  • Literal 6 Day (Young Earth Creationism – YEC)
  • Temple Dedication Text
  • Functional Account


  • Salvation Issues
  • Election/Predestination
  • Calvinism/Armeniansm

Ecclesiology – Church Related Topics

  • Women in the Church (leadership, dress apparel, etc.)
  • Worship and Instrumentation (Hymnal, modern, dance, etc.)
  • Marriage Structure (Husbands as leaders in the home, role of wives, etc.)
  • Homosexuality (including transgenders, hermaphrodites, feminism, etc.)
  • Baptism as an ordinance?
  • Communion as an ordinance?
  • Gifts of the Spirit (Charismata)

Pneumatology – The Holy Spirit

  • Trinity vs. Modalism vs. Dualism

Hamartiology – The Sin (or sin)

  • The nature of the fall in Genesis
  • Adamic issues (first man or first Covenant man, physical nature prior to the fall, etc.)

Hermeneutics – Methods or the Science of Interpretation

Eschatology – Last Things/End Times

  • Futurism vs. Preterism
  • Universalism vs. Eternal Torment vs. Annihilationism

Theology – Study of God in General

Apologetics – Defending the Faith

  • Empiricism vs. Presuppositionalism
  • Cult/Occult Evangelism
  • Interfaith Evangelism


  • Two Age Theory
  • New Covenant vs. Old Covenant
  • Dispensationalism

Millennial Topics

  • Premillennialism
  • Postmillennialism
  • Amillennialism
  • Historicism
  • Transmillennialism
  • Idealism


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  1. Hi Don,
    A quick follow-up. I’ve noticed that the greek word for ‘ages’ is aeons (adj.=aeonian). This word means ‘time indefinite’; era; or time beyond our view. It is wrongly translated in most English versions as forever, everlasting, eternal, world, etc. Quite misleading re: a study of eschatology. Look forward to hearing more from you… watching one of your YT vids right now.

    Kindest regards,
    Philip Johnson
    Memphis, TN

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