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Dr. Don K. Preston, Wife: Janis

Don was a 1975 graduate of the Northside School of Preaching, (seminary) Harrison, Arkansas. Don has been in public speaking since the age of 13 and was voted among the Jaycees’ “Outstanding Young Men of America,” 1980. Don’s preaching ministry spanned nearly four decades in two different cities; Shawnee and Ardmore, Oklahoma. Don worked for seven years helping to produce a television program for a Christian magazine which received national recognition in the magazine, “Christianity Today.”

In June 2010, Don received an honorary Doctorate degree from Vision International University of Romona, California, in recognition of his “outstanding accomplishments in ministry and publishing.” Vision International has 140,000 students worldwide. Dr. Stan DeKoven stated at the graduation ceremony, attended by an estimated 1,000 people, that Vision seldom awards honorary Doctorate degrees, and never more than one per year.

Don is a prolific author, having written multiple book titles which can be found on Amazon.com and at the BP Store.  Some of Preston’s works have been translated into six different languages, and reprinted several times.

Don’s most popular book, Who is this Babylon?, a study of Revelation, has received international critical acclaim. Don’s largest book to date, “We Shall Meet Him In The Air: The Wedding of the King of kings” (2010 ed.), is the very first, and only, full length (450+ pages) commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4 from the preterist (fulfilled) perspective. Dr. Preston’s writings have appeared in almost every major religious periodical of the Churches of Christ.

Dr. Preston has participated in several formal public debates as well as radio debates. His opponents include some of the leading evangelical leaders of the day, including:

–  Joel McDurmon, Ph.D., president of American Vision and author of more than 20 books, and his Senior Fellow is Gary DeMar

–  David Hester, adjunct professor at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.

–  Michael Brown, president and professor at Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism School of Ministry, is a Pentecostal, radio host of “The Line of Fire,” and author.

–  Steve Gregg, author, radio host of “The Narrow Path” bible answer program, and instructor.

–  Jason Wallace, Pastor, counter-cult evangelist, student of James White.

–  Harold Eberle, of Worldcast Ministries, and author.

–  Thomas Ice, co-founder with Tim Lahaye, of the Pre-Trib Research Center.

–  George Westlake Jr., radio host and Bible expert for “Living Answers for Today” bible answer program.

–  Harold Hoehner of Dallas Theological Seminary.

–  David Engelsma of Reformed Theological Seminary.

–  Marvin Pate of Moody College.

–  F. Lagard Smith, Professor of Law at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama, author, and compiler and narrator of “The Daily Bible,” the NIV in chronological order.

–  …and many other notable theologians.

In 2012, Dr. Preston participated in the 2012 Criswell College Theological Lectures on the topic, “Future Kingdom: Perspectives on the Millennial Reign of Christ.” The forum contained renowned speakers Craig Blaising, Craig L. Blomberg, G. K. Beale, Kenneth H. Gentry, and H. Wayne House, who each presented the various views on the millennium.

Dr. Preston has participated in live interviews on Christian talk shows such as “Salt and Light” in St. Louis, Missouri, the Gianni Hayes syndicated program, and numerous others. Preston is also co-host with William Bell, on a radio program called “Two Guys and A Bible” heard live every Tuesday evening on Fulfilled Radio.”

The ministry website for the Preterist Research Institute (PRI) is www.eschatology.org. In addition to that website, Dr. Preston is also the personal owner of www.bibleprophecy.com, one of the top rated sites for the study of prophecy on the web. The websites contain many articles written by Don and other highly esteemed writers from around the country, in addition to other resources that aim to advance the fulfilled Gospel message.

Dr. Preston served as minister for the Ardmore Church of Christ, (now The Family of God church) for 16 years from 1992 to 2008. He resigned to devote himself full time to research, writing, seminars and debates through the organization he founded, PRI. PRI also sponsors an annual conference (Preterist Pilgrim Weekend – PPW) at the Ardmore Convention Center with attendees who have come from all 50 states, and numerous international locations over the past several years, which has grown in attendance nearly every year.  What began as a simple seminar with only a few people, has now grown into a staple “must come” event for many since the inception of the PPW.

Don’s hobbies include collecting and restoring classic cars (especially early mustangs), and old pickups; fishing, hunting, internet research, reading, and many others.


  1. Dear doctor Don, my mathematical research was shifted. With your p p p p, Theory that letter is at the 16th position and therefore you take 16 four times and you get that for that 64 that I was looking for. It’s okay if you don’t agree please let me explain mathematically. It is tied in with the shattering of the Holy people from Isaiah. 6 + 4 equals 10 that also means God’s completeness. So if you take Isaiah 64 write it on a piece of paper it is a direct handoff algorithm for the completeness of the Book of Revelation in the future 2 human algorithmic years before the war starts. God’s algorithmic patterns are 1 and 3. The number 4 means death or obsolete or to go away or possibly disappear. When you look at these 64’s the shattering is the persecution and that is why the six for sin, and the four for death always shatter although God makes a complete by adding them together. So we have the 64 and Isaiah we have the 64 for a direct hand handoff algorithm for the completeness of the Book of Revelation. The old Covenant system has to become obsolete and your PPPP Theory brings us to the fourth one. So where is the third one. Remember the variable he knows the end from the beginning and circles in between numerically and linguistically. He is the second tamid lamb without flaw or broken bones that dies at 3 p.m. so Circle the number 3 and hold on to it. He dies at the age of 33 for sin those add as a reduction for the number 6. At 3 p.m. he gives up his spirit so we go from physical to the spiritual Realm. In Christ we are children of the light only not of the darkness. So the day changes from 24 or sin that affects every single healing including Mary. And there is an algorithmic shift to 12 that also reduces to the number 3 which is God’s algorithm 1 and or 3. So you take that 3 p.m. he tells you numerically that the hours will shift when in the spiritual Realm. 3 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday is one day. 3 a.m. Saturday to 3 p.m. on Saturday is the second day. And upon the third day at 3 a.m. Christ is the true bringer of light from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. when the tomb was found empty. And it was over the four hours a 3 a.m. Sunday Resurrection Day to 7 a.m. Resurrection Day Of Darkness to light brought by Christ himself from Death To Life so it is truly and already but not quite yet. We still have the four two witnesses that bear witness and are raised in one body through Christ. we have James and Peter the next group we have the Jew and Gentile and the next group is the resurrection of the dead and those asleep in Christ and the last group is the bride is the resurrection of the Dead with the living. but you numerically need to Circle back in circle Genesis 42 and Isaiah 42. Numerically linguistically you need for groups to acquire the Hebrews 8:13 of obsolete. But by circling back numerically linguistically, the old Covenant system needs for groups to become obsolete but there’s the primary one group that laid dead three-day years in the streets and are raised as one body or their body in Christ. so Jesus is telling us to things for the Physical Realm we get the number two. He’s telling us there are four groups because it’s going to become obsolete or disappear. and his algorithm is 1 and or 3. So by looking back at Isaiah 42 and Genesis 42 the primary two witnesses must be the jewel in Genta that are raised in one body. And God uses his number one algorithm of one group to tell us so by circling back. Genesis 42 that reduces to 6 or sin is the Jews coming in to the land. the same with Isaiah 42 the Gentiles coming into the land. it is Jesus that destroys sin the number 6 and finally death The Last Enemy the number 4. So there are four p’ S in your theory to bring about the disappearance of the old Covenant system when it is fulfilled by Christ. and when you take the number one algorithm of God it is the P of the persecution that brings about the shattering of the Holy people. soda follow the algorithmic pattern. Isaiah 64 shattering of the Holy people. At the cross when Jesus dies for sin, and those four hours for he brings us from Darkness to light on Resurrection Day. the description of the shattering of the Holy people, when the Book of Revelation is complete in 64 ad, 2 human algorithmic years before the war starts. 6 + 4 is 10 complete. please remove the zero empty digit and you get one which is God’s algorithm. Where the two groups lay dead 3-day years and that’s God’s other algorithmic number. And when all things are fulfilled buy the number 7 or Christ in 70. the old Covenant system becomes obsolete. You need 4 numerical values of 64. and you found the fourth one needed to make the old Covenant system obsolete once fullfilled field by Christ. Without the 64 or the shattering of the Holy people we cannot see the power of Christ and it must be shattered through that persecution because the 64 must shatter. Because the power of Christ is shown as he takes away sin the number 6 and death as The Last Enemy the number 4. please save this. I hope I explained this well. Thank you. Joan.

  2. Dr.don I’m sorry I left so much math under your video for your pppp theory. It is correct that the letter P is at the 16th position and 16 * 4 is 64 it’s so that is 4th 64 that I was looking for. But I do think the power has to come first so they can speak in tongues to preach and then the persecution and finally the parousia. Please look under your video on 8/21 2019. I explained it all there. Thank you so very much.

  3. Dr Don. I was prompted to reevaluate some dates.
    Herod the Great conceived on 9 23 73 BC, born 6 21 72 BC. Died 12 25 04 BC.
    Herod Antipas, the second son, was conceived on 7/17 21 BC, born 4 23 20 BC, died 12 10 39 AD.
    Mary conceived Passover 3 16 20 BC,born 12 7 20 BC. Delivered Christ at 17 + 1/2 years of age. Died 8 19 39 AD. John the Baptist Spirit of Elijah.conceived after 8th Abijah on
    6 25 04 BC, born Passover 3 29 03 BC, died 8 17 28 AD, ordered by Salome and Herod Antipas. John was beheaded. Jesus Christ was conceived on 12 21 04 BC. He was born awassi lamb 9 11 03 BC on Yom Kippur, died at age 33 at 3 p.m. on Passover, 4 7 30.by crucifixion. Returned spiritually
    8 10 70 AD ( 9th AV or Tosh B’ AV.)thank you.

  4. Simply the algorithmic pattern of God is 1 and or 3. Human Physical is 2. The second position of the date of the conception of Herod the Great and the Birth of Herod Antipas ,the second son must equal 23. That is why Herod the Great is conceived on 9/23 73 BC. He is not deity so it is the second date of 23. The same for the second son, Herod Antipas. BORN 4 23 20 BC. That 23 must be in the second position for the Second Son as well. Except it’s not his conception it’s his birth it’s a flip flop. We take the one date of Christ’s birth 9 11 03 BC. But for Christ algorithmically we just add all three to equal 23. So there are two humans who want to be above God. Herod the Great and his second son Herod Antipas. There for two 23. But Jesus has one 23 and you must include all three numerical dates 9+11+3 for the 1, 23 of Jesus Christ. When the walls are broken at Masada in 73 it must match the conception year parallel in the conception of Herod the Great in 73 BC. The flip flop Herod the Great is conceived in the month the first numerical placement as Christ in September or 9th month. Herod Antipas, the second son, it is his birth is the same month first number that would be the same as Christ’s death,April or 4. Herod the Great has a 23 in the second position and Herod Antipas has a 23 in the second position, however with Christ’s birth you take all 3 and make it 1 so you can get your 23. So you see 23 and you see it three times. Twice with the herods and once with Christ. The humans number 2 will not be over God that is Spirit the number 3. 2 + 3 equals 5, herod’s are Kings and rulers. They get those two variables. However Christ becomes the number 5 as well, but he gets 3 for his number 5. King ruler word. And because Christ’s birth reduces to 23 and then of course to 5, he will rule spiritually not physically. Because if that was true then his birthdate would reduce to 32 not 23. God is Spirit. Herod the Great is conceived in the month that Christ was born. September. And the Second Son ,Herod Antipas, was born the same month Christ was crucified, April. Thank you.

  5. When you raise the Bible the one body of Christ through his word. The one book that is his algorithmic pattern. The two witnesses are the Jews and the Gentiles that lay Dead 3 Day years in the streets is they are raised in one body. So when you raise the Bible all three become one. Jew Gentile Christ all three become one body. Thank you

  6. Our algorithmic pattern is 2. There must be 2 scapegoats. Christ is the first scapegoat who dies at the age of 33 or 6 for our sins. And he raises in the second numerical position or April 9th 30 ad. 69. We are washed up from Red to White in Christ. Satan is the next scapegoat 69. With the numerical values of 7 and 1 and 62, the number in the second numerical position is the number 1, Jesus does not keep it for himself but gives it to Satan, to move Satan from 69 to 70 AD. Remembering that it is Satan or the 9 that is always attached to sin or the 6. The numbers 7 1 62, are also 70 10 and 8. Numerical mirror to the return of Christ on 8 10 70 AD. Once Satan is destroyed when the fire is cleansed that scapegoat is the one who was turned away his ribbon does not turn to White it stays red so he must be turned away. Satan is destroyed. Christ returns with his bride and therefore he is reconnected to the Physical Realm. On 8 and the second numerical position he takes back his 1, or 10, and add himself, 70 AD. So the scapegoat Christ washes our robes from red to White, Satan remains red and is taken away. Thank you

  7. Jesus Jesus Jesus. The numerical algorithms pattern of God is 1 and or 3. In the human Physical Realm it is the number 2. Jesus comes to us one time in the flesh. Christ returns to us one time in the spirit. That is twice to us. However, there must be to Jesus in the flesh but only one is God. During the physical to spiritual shift 40 year last Exodus, we see bookends of Jesus. Jesus Christ at the beginning of the Exodus, and Jesus Ananias right before the Wrath pm 11 11 66 is killed. To fulfill Jesus third variable he must return to us in a year of 2 digits when he returns to the Physical Realm spiritually. Numerically Christ is assigned the number 7. And we must see that digit first to fulfill his number one algorithmic pattern. Christ adds a zero so we understand the exact year that he returns. Jesus cannot return in 7 or 700 or 7,000. For us it must be a two digit numerical number and Christ has to be first. This euro is an empty placement but Christ puts it there for us to see two digits. The numerical reduction of 7 + 0 equals 7. Christ is the one. Therefore algorithmically, we cannot have a fourth presence of a Jesus. We have Jesus Jesus in the flesh and we have Jesus once in the spirit. Thank you

  8. From Darkness to light. Jesus Christ died on the cross on 4 7 30 at 3pm for sin. In Christ we are children of the light and the spiritual hours must reduce to either 1 or 3 as 1 digit. The physical 24-hour days reduce to 12.2 digits for us. Friday 3 p.m. to Saturday 3 a.m. is one day. Saturday 3 a.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. is day 2. It is a pain the third day at 3 a.m. that Christ Rises over a four hour. From Darkness to light from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m.. the number 4 means to die or to disappear or become obsolete, clue is April. Because there is four hours from Darkness to life in the Physical Realm it also needs to occur in the spiritual Realm. Mary the mother of Christ, dies 8 19 39 ad ( same year as Antipas,2 Salomes) 8 + 19 + 39 is 66. Please Circle forward to the last passover on 3 26 66 AD. There is a mirror. This time a lamb is born from a red heifer, but the red heifer dies first and is burnt for the atonement. Visually 66 to 70 numerically is 4 hour years. Represented by the lamb born inside the temple. In 66 is the presence of Christ in this realm. As we are brought from the darkness or the death of the old Covenant system to spiritual life in Christ. The resurrection of the Dead with the ones asleep in Christ 5 17 66. Please look at God’s third algorithmic numbers and that would be 66. 66 reduces to 12 and further to 3. That is the exact date that Christ ascended to heaven on 5 17 30 or 3. Resurrection of the living up the mountains is on 11/9 a mirror to Christ birth, 11 10 and 11 11 66 ad where the living are change spiritually in a twinkling of an eye to join Christ and the dead as the bride. Then the wrath comes. Even though Christ is in the air with his bride in the Physical Realm, he does not forsake spiritually the ones that could not Escape. When Christ returns from the air with his bride on 8/10 70, renewal 8 is complete 10 by Christ the 7 or 70. He saves the good wine for last at the reception of the Lamb supper. Resurrection of the Dead on
    5 17 66,and living 11 11 66 and Christ
    8 10 70 ad each of the three groups adds to 88 and further to 16 and then 7. All three groups as they become one spiritually, must have a regular ordinal reduction to 7, Christ. And it is Christ that brings us from the darkness to the light in a two digit Physical Realm Manor of 70 AD. Clue 70 week years are determined from the first threat of murder on 9/18 01BC, when Christ was 2 years old as a human and escaped to Egypt. Thank you

  9. Dr.don I need your mailing address every little bit of donation counts. Sorry about all the postings. Had to make some minor mathematical Corrections. I’ve been prompted to work on something else. Still working on the star issue. Two points of view. I’ll post that after I’m done. That’s all thanks so much

  10. I forgot one more thing please. In the one book of Christ if you raise it up you have the two witnesses the Jews and the Gentiles that late dead 3-day years in the street. They are raised spiritually in one body in Christ. In the Bible Christ that uses 3 in his 1 book. He uses letters he uses words he uses numbers( ordinal 123 abc) not Germatria. The most important out of the three is the word. The Physical Realm algorithmic pattern is 2. We have many kings and we had many rulers. The Christ has three variables, king ruler word. That numerical assignment is 5. It says King of the Jews above his head it is a clue to the crucifixion date of 4 + 7 + 30. That is 41 or the mirror to Isaiah 14. And it reduces to 5 Christ is the king he is the ruler he is the word. Thank you

  11. One more so very sorry. Conception of Christ is 12 21 04 or 3 3 4. Jesus will die at the age of 33 and the number 4 means to die or disappear or become obsolete. At the crucifixion there is a mirror of the 33. It is 21 12 when Satan kills Christ in the flesh. Clue April is the 4th month. The 33 and the 3rd is the age that Christ died and the time he died and that adds to 9 or Satan. 3 a.m. is charted by 12 hours days not 21. And on 4 9 30. Christ tells Satan I’m going to kill you the number 4, Satan the number 9, by God the number 30 or 3. The 2-1 cannot be maintained that’s a human algorithm over God’s algorithm that’s not acceptable. If you Circle forward to the Book of Revelation Mike Sullivan is correct because there’s an overlap of 7, three times that is 21. That has to be eliminated. Satan has the same algorithmic pattern as us the number 2, the variable Satan is Lord of this world and is destroyed in 70 AD spiritually and physically. Anyting in the spiritual or Physical Realm outside the Trinity can be destroyed that was created through Christ. Since Nero is the 6th from the 5th, Christ is the 7th from the 6th in the Physical Realm. The first shall be last Christ born 9 11 03 BC the tree is last so therefore when the lamb is born in the temple in 66 from the red heifer, the first number is 3 soda last in the Physical Realm becomes first in the spiritual Realm. 3 Christ is God,28 John’s death Year date of 28 ad. Second this time. And then 66. It is in the third place and it is a birth, must match all three dates numerical add it up Mary death 8 19 39 ad. 66 reduced to 12. That is Mary’s number there are two women attached to the old Covenant system in the Physical Realm. Mary and the 12 tribes. The Third Woman is one that is spiritual and that is the Church of Christ. God’s algorithmic pattern of 1 and or 3.

  12. Last one very sorry, because the conception is on 12/21 for Christ and the first was last on his birthdate and then that last becomes first on the final Passover,3 28 66. And because Christ is the 7th from the 6th. In the beginning there must be three stars. 12 21 04 BC over Herod’s Temple. The birth on 9/11 03 BC and disappears. And a 3rd star that floats to human algorithmic years until 9 18 01 BC when the third star stops the Magi gift Christ and then he escapes with his parents to Egypt to start the countdown for 70 weeks. Then we go to the Stars at the end. There is a star that hovers over the temple for one year from 65 to 66. A tiny star showed over the Altar for 30 minutes on that last passover. And in 66 before the Wrath begins, when the final once a while I were able to escape. The comet why is over the temple to pick up his bride. Then once again in the Physical Realm at Masada he attaches the quietness and solemnity in 73 where he places the three at the end again and he is now first the number 7. The birthdate and Masada in 73 are both attached to Yom Kippur. His birthdate physically reduces to 23 or Psalm 23 and on his birth and Masada. Both Reiser at the end in the Physical Realm. Christ is says be still and know that I am God. 7 + 3 equals 10 all complete. The numbers stop speaking. So we can Circle back to the tree of knowledge and we can cross off the 9 Satan and his inverted glued 6 Or sin. But there’s one more because there were 960 suicided at Masada so therefore cross off evil and know that the knowledge of his word is good he is the Tree of Life. The two become his algorithmic pattern of 1 and that is Christ. After it is complete at the end at Masada in 73 the number stop speaking. That’s all thank you

  13. The end is attached to the Morning Star or Satan when he is killed in 70 AD by Christ , physically and spiritually. 3-day years later in 73 we had at the very end. Christ the 7 is up front so we can have all 3. That is 10 complete or 1. We have to go through the 7 first to get all 3 to become complete as 1 spiritually corporately. So at the very end in 73. It is Christ that is the Bright and Morning Star. Thank you

  14. Simply put the numerical linguistic language of God is circular from the end to the beginning and God is Spirit. Satan tries to take the numbers of Christ and God bet he is killed he even tries to set himself above God’s completeness. Satan was Lord of this world so his algorithmic pattern is like ours it is the algorithmic pattern of the number 2. The language of God a circular linguistic and the language of Satan is to and fro, the numerical language for us has a starting point we have some memory but we move write linear. In the one book of Christ he uses 3 items he uses words he uses letters and he uses numbers. That is his algorithm one end or three. Therefore Christ the 7, is King ruler word. That is attached to the number 5. So in addition to Words letters numbers regular ordinal, words become variables like two by two, flesh and blood, Heaven and Earth. we often have a pair to fulfill our algorithmic pattern and Christ will put in a spare for the third algorithmic pattern. Two temples Jerusalem and the spare is the temple at Masada. The numbers 6 and 4 always shatter for the holy people because that is sin or 6 and the wages of that is 4 or death. The only inverted mirror that is glued together is Satan the number 9 and the inverted mirror the number 6 sin. As we are brought from Darkness to light from 66 to 70. 2 human algorithmic years after the war starts in 66, Nero the 6 6 6 or 18 or 9 dies. Too human algorithmic years after that, the land Beast is killed Phalanius Ben Samuel not from a regular priest line, but Eniachian. Who tries to set himself above God’s completeness as the 83rd priest and final priest in the temple. He is 11 because 8 + 3 is 11. The Sea Beast Nero was 9, and the land Beast in the temple was 11. Christ was born on Yom Kippur on 9/11 03 BC and we can remove the 9 we can remove the 11 and we are left with the 3. God is Spirit and his power or the work power reduces to the number 3. and that is God’s algorithmic pattern. Numerical linguistic assignment is by both Witnesses, Jew or hebraic, or Gentile that lay dead read a gears in the Streets Raised as one body spiritually in Christ. 1 is God, 2 is human Physical Realm, Christ and Satan both have the number to when he is in the flesh, Christ is son of God 1 and 3, son of man 2. 4 means to die disappear or obsolete. 5 is King ruler except for Christ who is King ruler word. 6 is sin except for Christ who took 6 for all of us in the human Physical Realm. 7 is Christ. 8 what is John’s number until he died and then 8 a spiritual renewal through Christ. 9 is Satan. 10 is God’s completeness. 11 is Satan’s attempt to be above God but falls short to the number 9, and the number 11 reduces to the number 2, Satan was Lord of this world in the physical bondage law Realm. the assignment for Mary is 12 but it also reduces to the number 3 or God. Words letters numbers variables algorithmic patterns. all five for the word who is Christ that is also our King and our ruler. that’s all thanks so much

  15. When we re-examine the cross centricity of Christ on that day on
    4 7 30 AD. And we include the words the letters the numbers and those words that make variables, and include the algorithmic patterns of God. We can know that Passover day, that Christ took our number 6 our sin, that he did not deserve and died for that sin. We can know at 3 p.m. on that day, that the 24 hour days at the moment of his death change from 6 and it changes to three or 12 hour days. That in the spiritual Realm because God is Spirit his 1, is over us the number 2. And he is the 3. God never changes because God is Spirit and his algorithmic pattern of 1 and or 3, it never changes. At the very end when it is complete at Masada we can know now that the numbers no longer speak. We are not cursed by color we are not cursed by numbers. God is Spirit. So even though Satan killed Christ in the Physical Realm, his spirit will never die. So when we think at the birth of Christ on 9 11 03 AD. And we see it reduces to 23. We already know he’s not going to survive in the flesh. But Christ taught us a new way to break the bond of physical law that makes sin so great. To spiritual freedom in him. So when you think of 9/11 03 BC think of Yom Kippur and that 23 when he was in the flesh. And we can Circle to Psalms 23. We can be still, and know that he is God. Thank you Joan Pahls, biblical numerical researcher.

  16. when we look at that number 23 for the birth of Christ we know that it is us that will never be over God. God is Spirit. The 2 can never be over the 3. But when we combine the 2 and the 3 we get 5. That is Christ and he gets all 3 with his number 5. God is Spirit and he is our King our ruler and the word.

  17. Dr.don apparently I’m hacked somehow and investigator got a hold of me and advised for me to unsubscribe for a while. Sorry about that so things might be messed up but you can use it as a numerical reference. Sorry if anything shifted or got out of order. Thank you for everything

  18. Hi doctor Don, don’t publish this yet because I’m working on it. I was prompted to work on why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th every year. I think the variable that must be included as God is Spirit. Christ was born on 9/11 03 BC and I figured out at 9:38 p.m.. it has to reduce the 23 or the two digits what we see because the algorithmic patterns of God are always 1 and 3 and for us it’s always 2. So when you reduce 911 03 BC you will get the 23 and because he is Jewish we are directed to a Yom Kippur to look at Psalm 23 be still and know that I am God. Solemnity. So I looked back at the conception of Christ on 1221 04 BC and then I looked at the death 4 days later for Herod the Great on 12/25 04 BC. I need the incorrect but historically I thought that the death of Herod the Great was the sacrificial death for Mithra the Pagan God. And because their opposites the death of Herod the Great is the sacrificed King for the birth of Christ. In the human Physical Realm our algorithmic pattern is 2. If you look at the two dates 12 25. And since God is Spirit. His algorithmic pattern is 1. That 12 becomes a 3 and that 25 becomes a 7. That 37 is a mirror to the very end at Masada in 73 ad. The 70 is Christ and he did return in a two digit return so the end must be 70 to kill the morning star Lucifer,Satan the Babylonian King metaphorically of Babylon. The very end when it’s complete in 73 the bright and Morningstar the walls are broken in the Physical Realm. God is Spirit so we celebrate Christmas on the mirror just a regular simple mirror of 37 or 12 25. That is his spiritual birthday.. let me know what you think? Thanks so much wishing you many blessings.

  19. There is one alternative for the birth of Christ of the time. The algorithmic pattern for God is 1 + or 3 but when Christ is born he gets them all including the number 2. so if you look at the date 9 11 03 bc. and you understand to be still and know that he is God so you just circle the 9 the very first numerical value. And then you Circle the 3 or the third numerical value. So therefore it is possible that Christ was born at 9 48 p.m. on Yom Kippur silent night holy night. It has to be ordinal in the Bible, children of God. 4 + 8 equals 12 and then 1 + 2 equals 3. So if Jesus was not born at 9:38 he was born at 9:48 p.m. on Yom Kippur in 3 BC. Someone else did a computerized algorithmic pattern from The Book of Revelation and they have his birth at 9:48 p.m. so I’m still not sure. but if we match the 9 at the beginning of the date and the 3 at the end of the date including in the Physical Realm the first or Christ will be last did he was born at 9:48 p.m.. let me know what you think will you have time thank you.

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